Our First Movie Out Since COVID-19, Overlook Drive-In!

drive-inPrior to businesses shutting down due to COVID-19, my family enjoyed going to movies at theaters like Alamo Drafthouse and Nitehawk Cinema.

It’s been quite a long time since we went out to the movies until a recent trip to upstate NY.

After spending a day wandering around (and doing things like searching for Gnome Mountain), we treated our kids to a new movie experience, the Drive-In!
I had mean to surprise Lucas and Theo with the experience but Kim didn’t realize, and mentioned the plans to Lucas when she woke him up that morning. Regardless, he was very excited for his first drive-in movie experience!a large white screen in a field with cars parked in front of itWe headed over to the Overlook Drive-In, located in Poughkeepsie, NY.

Overlook claims to have the largest screen in the Tri-State area. Based on the size of the screen, there was no reason to worry about getting too close. The drive-in was also the perfect option for a safe, socially distanced movie experience!two boys sitting in the back of a carThe kids got a kick out of sitting in the back of my Jeep. We picked up fast food on our way to Overlook (we were short on time). The boys, especially Theo have come love our ‘car picnics’ and this time was extra fun. They got to eat in the car (not buckled in) and watch Kung Fu Panda.

Check out the massive screen!

My 8 year-old Lucas stayed focused, watching the entire movie. 4 year-old Theo, couldn’t sit like this the whole time and eventually went inside the car to move around.

I found parking the car in reverse to be extremely uncomfortable. When I briefly sat in thew cargo area, I banged my head on more than one occasion! If we brought chairs like other experienced drive in movie-goers had done, it would’ve been a much better experience (not that I really cared about the movie).

If it wasn’t so late, I would’ve considered turning the car around and staying for Part 2 of the double feature, The Mummy!

Final Thoughts:

Overall, going to a drive in movie is a really fun experience for kids. If we were better prepared (it’s been many years since my last drive in), it may have been more enjoyable for Kim and me.

In the end, I was glad that my almost-surprise was a big hit!

Overlook Drive-In is located at 126 Degarmo Road in Poughkeepsie, NY.

4 thoughts on “Our First Movie Out Since COVID-19, Overlook Drive-In!

  1. Warwick has iirc about 4 screens – so you can see the early movie on one screen and then drive over to see the second feature on another screen for the same price. That said Warwick is on a bit of a winding road leaving (if headed back to NYC) so be prepared for 10-15 minutes of dark curved roads on the exit. (There’s also a mini petting zoo across the street with food and ice cream in normal times).

    The Fair Oaks DI is immediately off Route 17 iirc exit 118 – so driving out afterwards is very straightforward.

    Hyde Park has Rhinebeck 1 town North – so next year you can combine a trip if so inclined to the Rhinebeck Airshow on weekends with a movie afterwards.

    We tend to go to Hyde Park as it’s an hour north of our place in Westchester – but depending on the movie choice – they all work pretty equally well.

  2. Mike- Thanks! I had a list of a bunch in the area. For next time, is one better than the other?

    We had the blanket, not having a chair was the big issue! Love the CIA but I read that it’s still closed. We drove past the DQ and I think we saw the ice cream shop! 🙂

  3. SInce you made it to Overlook – be aware in the general area there are also: Hyde Park DI; Warwick DI; Fair Oaks DI.

    In addition to bringing chairs: bug spray, a portable radio, a flash light and maybe a picnic blanket. There’s a Dairy Queen near the Hyde Park DI (along with Culinary Institute of America) and a cute Ice Cream Shop about a half mile down the road from the Overlook DI.

    Have fun!

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