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US Borders With Canada & Mexico CLOSED Until Late August

US Border
image: Twitter @DHS_Wolf

The Coronavirus Pandemic has made traveling tough throughout the world. Currently, the American passport isn’t of much use if you’d like to travel to a long list of destinations.

Many Americans are hitting the roads, taking road trips to fulfill their desire for wanderlust.

If you’d like to drive over the border into Canada or Mexico, you’ll now need to wait a bit longer. Continue reading US Borders With Canada & Mexico CLOSED Until Late August

Least Visited States in America

states in America
image: Wikimedia Commons

When it comes to travel, we tend to focus more on international destinations. However, over the past few years Kim and I have made it a point to try to see more of the USA.

When visiting different states it’s definitely impressive to think of just how much there is to see at home. In 2015 we only had the chance to visit one new state. (Back in March, Kim, Lucas and I had a fun time checking out Charleston, South Carolina.)

To date I’ve been to 32 states and would love to finish visiting all 50 at some point sooner than later. In recent years we spent a little time in places like Iowa, Nebraska, Oklahoma and Wyoming. Not exactly states that typically come upĀ as popular travel destinations. Continue reading Least Visited States in America