US Cruises Banned By CDC Through September

US Cruises
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At the moment, it’s pretty difficult for Americans to travel anywhere besides within the country and that isn’t even so simple.

Yesterday, I shared news that the US borders with Canada and Mexico are closed until late August.

A couple of days back, the CDC “banned all US cruises through September after it documented thousands of onboard coronavirus infections as well as “ongoing” outbreaks on ships,” according to the New York Post.

The no-sail order was originally set to expire next week, on July 24. The reason for the extension came after the CDC “documented thousands of onboard coronavirus infections and ongoing outbreaks on ships“.

The agency’s director Dr. Robert Redfield mentioned that scientific evidence showed that cruise ships presented a greater risk for COVID-19 to be spread than in other settings.

US cruises were hit hard by COVID-19 with 99 outbreaks on 123 ships and 80% of all ships hit with infections.

What makes matters worse is that they aren’t sure of a way for US cruises to be able to set sail safely.

I am not a fan of cruises to begin with. I get seasick and I prefer to be able to travel and move as I please as opposed to being stuck on a ship. This is even more reason to not go on a cruise in the future.

When things related to COVID-19 get better, would you consider taking a cruise or would you be more hesitant?

Find out more from the NY Post here.


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