A Visit To The EKASUP Cultural Village On Vanuatu

Vanuatu During the summer of 2017, the Michael W Travels family spent 5 Weeks in the Pacific.

The final destination of our trip was the island nation, Vanuatu. While driving around, we saw some very interesting fast food chains.

We like to learn about the culture of destinations we visit and heard about a very interesting half-day trip option. We decided to book a visit to the EKASUP Cultural Village.I didn’t expect much more than an overly touristy presentation but Kim and I figured it was worth checking out.
a man in a garment in the woodsAfter being greeted in the parking area, a man dressed in traditional garb led us along a path through nature while blowing a large shell.a man in a garment in the woodsAs we walked, other members of the cultural village appeared from the forest. (If we hadn’t paid the fee to visit, I may have been a bit afraid! lol)

We then sat down for an introduction about what the visit would entail. Along our walks, we made stops at various areas to learn about different aspects of how the natives in Vanuatu lived.a man sitting on the ground near a structure made of sticksThis man showed us how they set up a traditional trap.a man in a garmentHere is basket weaved from natural materials.a man in a red shirtI wish I could recall what this huge spider was used for (I think traditional medicine), but I was convinced to let it crawl up my arm and back. I’m pretty sure I was the only brave visitor to step up for this experience! (Brave or stupid, what do you think?)a woman in grass dress standing next to a boyAlong the way, there were some local foods to sample. Lucas enjoyed and went back for seconds. They also had a small set up of small trinkets and crafts for sale.a man sitting in a treeI spent a moment relaxing in this natural enclosure. There’s a fire pit inside and I think this is where you’d visit the medicine man, I’m not totally sure. a group of men playing instrumentsThe visit ended with a really fun traditional dance and music performance. We really enjoyed it and were happy that it was kid-friendly too.a group of people posing for a photoI couldn’t leave without getting a family photo with the group!a man with a guitar standing next to a boyLucas had a few questions for the chief before we departed.VanuatuI couldn’t leave without getting a jumping photo! I was glad the chief obliged!

Final Thoughts:

We’re not usually big on these kind of visits but the EKASUP Cultural Village was awesome. We got to learn a lot about how the tribes live and survived on Vanuatu using the land. We found it super kid-friendly, which was really nice.

Overall, I’d highly recommend a visit if you’re on Port Vila, Vanuatu.

Find out about the EKASUP Cultural Village online here.

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