What Did We Try At McDonald’s Fiji?

McDonalds Fiji

During our trip to the Pacific, Fiji has been a very important country for the Michael W Travels family. Flights to most of the countries that we’re visiting tend to go through the country.

On our way from the airport to our first hotel, we drove past a Burger King so I figured that there had to be a McDonald’s close by.

Since I had to see what special items might be on the McDonalds Fiji menu, we took a 5 minute taxi ride there for dinner.

I’ve previously written about McDonald’s we’ve visited in:

(I’ve also visited McDonald’s in many other countries that I haven’t written about.)

When we arrived at McDonalds Fiji, Lucas was immediately excited to see a play area. Most U.S. McDonald’s have removed these play areas in recent years.

Once we stepped inside, we noticed how the restaurant was decorated with some local art and artifacts- definitely cool!

a group of framed pictures on a wall

When I looked over the menu, I was a bit disappointed. Nothing really stood out as being Fijian food. I don’t know a lot about Fijian food, but it seems to be Indian influenced with curries. They also use taro and coconut a lot.

Here are the unique items we tried at McDonalds Fiji: (FYI-they weren’t really so unique.)

Hot & Spicy Chicken:

a hand holding a fried chicken leg

The only food item that I saw on the McDonalds Fiji menu which isn’t available in the U.S. was the Hot & Spicy Chicken. You can order the chicken as a 2 piece or 5 piece and also pick which kind of chicken you’d like to try.

Kim and I each tried a drum stick.

a fried chicken leg on a red and white background

When I bit into the chicken, I immediately noticed that this chicken wasn’t spicy. I can’t say that I minded since I don’t love very hot food. However, the fried chicken was really good. The outside was crispy and the chicken was moist on the inside.

I’d definitely order this again if we were to return to McD’s Fiji.

Frozen Coke:

a hand holding a plastic cup with brown liquid in it

It was hot out and a refreshing drink like a Frozen Coke sounded like a great idea.

Sadly, from the first sip, I noticed that this drink was a failure. All I tasted was frozen ice at first. When I pushed the straw to the bottom, I noticed the flavor of what can best be described as sweet coke syrup.

I don’t get why the coke and frozen ice weren’t better blended together to make a refreshing drink. Frozen Coke should be removed from the McDonalds Fiji menu IMO.
a man and boy posing for a picture

Overall, McDonald’s in Fiji doesn’t really stand out for any local menu items. However, if you’re traveling with kids, it is a good option for a meal or more so for the play area.

Do you like to visit McDonald’s when visiting a new country? If so, do you have a favorite menu item that you came across?

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  1. They may not have many unique menu items, but the Nadi Maccas is the only one we’ve come across that delivers.

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