Fast Food Chains In Vanuatu, Maybe Not…

Fast FoodOver the summer of 2018, the Michael W Travels family spent 5 Weeks in the Pacific.

While food is an important part of the travel experience, we found most of the food on the islands we visited to be underwhelming.

When visiting new countries, there’s one fast food chain that I always seek out… McDonald’s!

During our trip, we visited McDonald’s in:

The last stop of our trip was to the island of Vanuatu. While there weren’t any McDonald’s around, I thought we found another fast food chain.

During our drives around the island of Efate, we came across Pizza Hut. Or so we thought.a sign on a poleIf you’re not paying attention, you might think that Pizza Hot is the famous Pizza Hut. We didn’t stop there for a meal so I can’t vouch for how good or bad it was. However, I give them credit for creativity in naming their establishment.a sign with a picture of a chicken and flagsIn a small shopping center, we found a location of KFC. No, the Colonel doesn’t have a presence on the island but Kaikai Fried Chicken does.

I had no clue what kaikai meant, so I looked it up online. According to The Free Dictionary, it means, “a feast, food.” This definitely makes sense…

We stopped to ask for directions and decided to order some food.a paper bag with blue text on itI didn’t take any photos of what we ate but it was decent enough and relatively foodI’m not lying, just read the packaging.

Have you come across any fun fast food copycats during your travels?

2 thoughts on “Fast Food Chains In Vanuatu, Maybe Not…

  1. “Friday’s” in Costa Rica is a copycat of TGI Fridays (similar logo, similar food, similar concept). Here’s the catch: Friday’s opened in San Jose before TGI Friday’s decided to enter the country. TGI Friday’s took “Friday’s” to court and LOST. So, Friday’s gets to be Friday’s and TGI Fridays has to brand itself “T.G.I.F” in Costa Rica.

    It’s been this way for almost 20 years.

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