What Did We Try At McDonald’s Samoa?

mcdonalds samoa

Over the summer the Michael W Travels family spent 5 weeks in the Pacific. During our trip I visited six new countries while Kim, Lucas and Theo visited  five.

When visiting a new country we always try to visit McDonald’s to see what interesting local menu items might be available. Lucas also loves getting a toy and having some time to play in the playground.

Earlier in the trip we made a stop at McDonald’s Fiji. There weren’t many other countries which had McD’s in the region so we knew that we had to try out McDonalds Samoa during our time on the island.

I’ve previously written about McDonald’s we’ve visited in:

(I’ve also visited McDonald’s in many other countries that I haven’t written about.)

Soon after arriving at our hotel we needed to go for lunch. I figured that it was best to get our McDonalds Samoa visit out of the way since we were going to spend some time around town during our first day.

Once we ordered, Kim took Lucas to the play area while I waited for our order to arrive.

The McDonalds Samoa menu didn’t really excite me but there were a couple of items available which we cannot get at home. Due to this, I had to give them a try.

Here are the unique menu items that we tried at McDonalds Samoa.

Chicken Wings:

a menu of a fast food restaurant

We ordered a Chicken Wings meal to share and I have to say that I was starving!a box of fried chicken

The order was pretty big and looked like it could’ve been served at any bodega or small restaurant back home.
a hand holding a piece of fried chicken

When I bit into the first piece, I have to say that I was impressed. I’ve had fried chicken at a few McDonald’s around the world and it’s usually good. The fried chicken at McDonald’s Samoa was no different.

The chicken was moist on the inside, crispy on the outside with a touch of salt being noticeable on the skin. There was a lot of chicken to share but there wasn’t anything left by the time we were done.

I’m surprised that McD’s in the US hasn’t added fried chicken to the menu.

Double Sausage Burger:

a poster on a counter

The Double Sausage Burger looked very good in the photo that I saw both outside and at the register. It was also an item which I’ve never seen before at any McD’s.

The sausage patties looked nice and fresh in the photo and the bun looked even more impressive- maybe it was due to the shine.a hamburger on a paper wrapper

When I opened the wrapper, I can’t say that I was impressed or looking forward to eating the Double Sausage Burger.

Where was the shiny, fluffy bun? My sandwich did not look like the one in the pictures! (I guess the food at fast food restaurants rarely does.)a burger with a bite taken out of it

I bit in and didn’t mind the taste but I also didn’t love it. The Double Sausage Burger is nothing more than two breakfast sausage patties with cheese on a hamburger bun.

I’m not a huge fan of the sausage patties so I wouldn’t want to eat a double-sized sandwich where they’re the main focus ever again.

Final Thoughts:

I would’ve liked to have seen a menu item which felt even more local to Samoa than a sausage burger. At least they did offer one unique menu item though! It was also nice that they didn’t try to charge us for ketchup packets like most foreign McD’s typically do.

Do you like to visit McDonald’s when visiting a new country? If so, do you have a favorite menu item that you came across?

4 thoughts on “What Did We Try At McDonald’s Samoa?

  1. i stayed in american samoa for a week with my friend, his grandpa was the chief of pago pago, so very cool cultural experience, but i did go get this wings pretty much everyday

  2. Louis- No but I wish they did!

    Alain- You’re totally right! I forgot about this and did write about the extra chicken wings back in 2013. After trying fried chicken since then in a bunch of McD’s, I am a fan of the item.

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