Sleepy Sundays in Tonga, A Visit To Pangaimotu Island

The Michael W Travels family is currently on a 5 Week Trip Around the Pacific.

The first stop of on our journey was to the Kingdom on Tonga. Our first full day on the island was a Sunday when there isn’t much to do since just about everything is closed!

Rather than waste the day, we headed on a short day-trip.

Happy 11 Months to Theo!

After a 10 minute boat ride, we ended up on Pangaimotu Island.

The trip is actually a pretty decent deal. For around $20 US, you get roundtrip transportation to/ from the island along with lunch.

Pangaimotu Island is pretty small and we started off our visit by walking about half way around the island.We enjoyed the views, stopped to jump and Lucas’s favorite part was collecting some interesting seashells!He also enjoyed running around on the narrow strips of sand!

Then it was time for lunch. While Pangaimotu doesn’t have a ton of things to offer, it does have a bar which also sells some snacks.

As we waited for our food to arrive, we chatted a bit with a woman on a short visit from New Zealand and a man from Europe that was traveling around the pacific.

The food was decent enough but nothing to rave about. Kim had fish which she enjoyed. Lucas and I had chicken burgers- basically a chunk of chicken on a bun.

Our hopes were to spend most of the time swimming and snorkeling but nature wasn’t on our side. It rained on and off (mostly on) for most of the time from lunchtime onwards.
The island was relatively busy with some local families, tourists and a platoon of around 30 New Zealand military enjoying their day off.

The best way to describe a visit to Pangaimotu Island, is that you are taking a quick boat trip to a bar which also has some water activities.

At the end of the day the boats back were busy. The small boats even had some people standing but Lucas got the best seat onboard. To save a little space, the captain decided to stand and gave Lucas his seat!

Overall, we had an enjoyable first full day on our trip during this sleepy Sunday in Tonga!

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