Coronavirus Causes Corona Beer To Suspend Production

Corona Beer
image: Pixabay

Since the coronavirus pandemic has been spreading, many people have thought you could catch it from Corona Beer. Morons…

Now, “the brewer of Corona beer has suspended production because of the coronavirus pandemic,” according to

You’re probably thinking that the beer won’t be produced due to the stigma attached due to its name. However, the real reason Corona won’t be produced for now is because Mexico has “deemed it non-essential“.

The Daily Mail shared photos of people in stores buying up Corona beer by the shopping cart load due to fears of a shortage.

Grupo Model, the brewery who produces the beer says they can keep producing it if their operations were considered to be agriculture. I don’t get how that works but this is supposedly allowed.

Would you hesitate to buy Corona due to its name being associated with the coronavirus? If so, I have no words…

Find out more from here.

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4 thoughts on “Coronavirus Causes Corona Beer To Suspend Production

  1. What about all those Toyota Coronas (1957-2001) that have been scrapped and turned into steel globally? Should we be suspicious that our car, range or washing machine may be silent killers? Have the aluminum engines from those Coronas been recycled into the foil that makes up our “tinfoil hats?”

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