Legoland New York Delays Opening Due To Coronavirus

Legoland New York

Back in 2017 I first that a new Legoland New York location was supposed to open by 2019. It turned out that the park didn’t announce an actual opening date until late in 2019.

We were very excited that a Legoland would be opening around two hours drive from home. (We really loved visiting the Florida park a few years back and have also been to the smaller Discovery Centers.)

Legoland New York was set to open on July 4, 2020.

While we hoped to get to the park as close to the opening as possible, we’d more than likely be away in early July…

I came across a post on Instagram from Legoland New York recently sharing news that they would be delaying the opening of the park due to the coronavirus pandemic.

This was sad news to hear but not what I’d consider surprising. The park will now open at some point in 2021. No exact opening date was given.

Lucas applied to become a Legoland Kid Reporter around a year back. He made a video about why he’d make a good reporter and how much he loved Lego but he wasn’t selected. However, he did win four tickets to Legoland New York! That was a pretty generous reward for entering the contest.

We look forward to visiting the new park when it opens in 2021 and hope that everyone stays safe.

Find out more about Legoland New York here.

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