To Enter Galapagos You’ll First Have To Spend 14 Days In Isolation

image: pixabay

Lots of countries are closing their borders and putting various travel restrictions in place to help stop the spread of the coronavirus.

The Galapagos Islands is an isolated archipelago around 1,000km off the coast of Ecuador. To keep the islands safe, Ecuador has a plan now in place.

For those wishing to visit the islands, “foreigners and Ecuadorians who have traveled will have to spend 14 days in isolation to enter the Galapagos,” according to El Universo.

The article mentions Norma Wray, Minister President of the Governing Council of the Special Regime of Galapagos said a rigorous protocol will be put in place.

  1. Any foreign or national person who has been in another country must comply with the mandatory preventive isolation on the continent for 14 days if they want to enter the Galapagos province.
  2. The measure will be in force for 21 days, after which it will be reviewed if it is extended or changed depending on the circumstances.

Ecuador recently closed their borders to foreign travelers so the measures will apply to those currently in the country.

For anyone planing to visit Ecuador and the Galapagos in the future, it looks like your trip will have to wait.

Find out more from El Universo here.

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