New England Patriots Plane Brings Over 1 Million N95 Masks To US From China

N95 Masks
image: Twitter @MassGovernor

The New England Patriots are one of America’s least favorite football teams. However, they just did something that should make us all give them a big round of applauds.

The state of Massachusetts was able to locate over one million N95 masks for purchase in China but had no way to get them back to the US.

Yahoo reports that the state’s governor Charlie Baker “called on Jonathan Kraft, son of Patriots owner Robert Kraft, and the younger Kraft in turn pressed the team’s plane into service.”

Not only did the Kraft family agree to use the team plane to fly the N95 masks to the US, the family also paid for around half the cost of the purchase, around $2 million!

Using the Patriots Boeing 767, which is a passenger plane wasn’t so simple. Since it isn’t a cargo plane, it needed to have some modifications made for the long flights to and from China. And while the plane got its upgrades, the crew had to run to a pharmacy for passport photos and get their visas rushed.

In total, the plane was able bring 1.2 million N95 masks back to Boston. Owner Robert Kraft sent 300,000 masks to New York to help the hospitals out.

While I’m a New York Jets fan, I’ve never had a real hate for the Patriots. This act of generosity should be recognized with cheers from all.

Find out more from Yahoo here.

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