Summer Olympics 2020, Avianca- REFUND US, Fast Food Chains In Vanuatu?, Win A Trip To LEGOLAND New York & More- The Rehash!

rehashThis week I started working from home. Teaching isn’t an easy job and it’s been interesting, trying to do so virtually.

While things aren’t looking good when it comes to the coronavirus pandemic, I think its safe to say that we all hope for things to return to normal soon.

How has your week gone when it comes to miles, points and travel?

Now its time to take a look back at some of this past week’s posts in a recap that I like to call, The Rehash!

Here is your chance to Win a trip for four to LEGOLAND New York. Enter daily until May 31, 2020.

Last week, I wondered- Will the Summer Olympics 2020 take place? Japan thinks so. In the end, no it won’t- find out the details here.

We’re not the only ones having this problem… REFUND US: Avianca cancels flight, says we can rebook til 3/21.

Enter for a chance to Win a trip for two to taping of The Voice in California. Enter by April 30, 2020.

Did you hear about fast food chains in Vanuatu, maybe not

That’s all I’ve got for this week’s rehash.

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