Will The Summer Olympics 2020 Take Place? Japan Thinks So

Summer Olympics
screenshot from Yahoo video

With sporting events being canceled left and right due to the coronavirus pandemic, Japan still has plans for the 2020 Summer Olympics to go on.

A day back, a plane with a Tokyo 2020 livery took off for Greece to pick up the Olympic flame from Athens.

Yahoo reports that the “games hosts chose not to send the high-level delegation on board to Greece, due to the coronavirus.”

At the handover ceremony Japan’s ambassador to Greece will accept the flame and then “lower-level officials already there will accompany the flame back to Japan.”

As of now, the International Olympic Committee says the games are still set to start on July 24.

Due to what’s going on around the world, I can’t imagine the Summer Olympics being played this year. Hopefully, things will turn for the better sooner than later. Even if this does happen, will countries still send teams to represent and participate?

Brining so many people together from all over the world probably wouldn’t be the best move due to the current worldwide health crisis.

Find out more from Yahoo here.

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