Mission Accomplished: I Made It To My 100th Country!

countryThe Michael W Travels family is currently on a month-long trip around South Asia.

We started our trip in the Maldives and then spent 9 days in Sri Lanka. After a flight delay, we made it to Nepal which is my 100th country visited!

When I first started getting into travel, people would often ask me how many countries I hoped to visit. I’d always answer all or as many as possible. However, I’m not so sure that visiting every country in the world will be possible for me.

Regardless, I set a goal of visiting 100 countries which I figured was attainable. I also expected that it would take much longer for me to reach.

When the plane landed at Tribhuvan International Airport, just outside Kathmandu, I felt a real sense of accomplishment, a long-term goal that I had set for myself had been achieved!

What’s really cool too is that Kim isn’t far behind. Kim should reach her 100th country visited within a year.

And when it comes to family travel, when Kim was pregnant with Lucas, we heard many remarks how we wouldn’t be able to travel anymore. Well at seven years old, Lucas has now visited 62 countries! Almost three year Theo has been to 32 countries!

What list do I follow when it comes to counting countries?

I only consider UN Member States countries. Currently there are 193 so I’m a little more than half way there.

Besides UN Member States, I’ve also been to unofficial countries like the Vatican, Scotland, Kosovo, Transnistria and Nagorno-Karabakh. (I may’ve left others out…)

Where do I keep track of my travels?

I use the site Most Traveled People to track UN Member States, MTP’s list of places and UNESCO World Heritage Sites (I’ve currently visited 136).

What are my new travel goals?

Now that I’ve visited my 100th country, I’d love to make it to 150!  I guess I’ll see how things go in the future!

What travel goals do you have or have you achieved?

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