Miniature Horses Can Fly, Creating 10 More Balis, 100 Countries Visited, Friends To Play On Big Screen & More- The Rehash!

rehashWe just finished spending four excellent days in Nepal.

We didn’t make it far from the capital, Kathmandu besides taking a very special flight. Regardless, we all really loved the country and hope to come back in the future to check out some other areas.

Currently, we’re in Bangladesh for a short visit before heading to our final destination of this trip- India!

How has your week gone when it comes to miles, points and travel?

Now it’s time to take a look back at some of this past week’s posts in a recap that I like to call, The Rehash!

This is pretty cool… Friends will be in movie theaters for 25th anniversary. I’m interested in going to one of the screenings.

Mission Accomplished: I made it to my 100th country! What a fun journey it’s been.

The DOT says miniature horses can fly as service animals. I’ve always said that I wish I could get a miniature elephant. A miniature horse might be the next best thing!

Here is your chance to Win a trip for 3 to Six Flags America from the Travel Channel. Enter by September 3, 2019.

This is pretty interesting… Indonesia wants to increase tourism and create 10 more Balis.

That’s all I’ve got for this week’s rehash.

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