Couple Stole Sand From Beach In Italy, Now Facing 6 Years In Jail!

italyLast summer a tourist stole pebbles from a beach in France and faced a big monetary fine if they weren’t returned.

Now, tourists face an even bigger penalty in Italy from stealing from a beach in Sardinia.

A French couple could end up spending six years in jail for stealing sand off of the beach!

The couple took close to 90 pounds of sand in 14 bottles which was discovered by the police. They claimed to not know that taking the sand was against the law. The problem is that the beach has signs posted in various languages letting visitors know that it’s prohibited.

USA Today reports that, “Per a 2017 law, it’s illegal to trade┬ásand, pebbles and shells in the area and violations can┬áresult in fines of up to $3,300, according to the BBC. The couple also faces an aggravated theft charge, which could mean one to six years in prison.”

I don’t know about you, but it’s hard to believe that the couple didn’t know that they were breaking the law. Also, who tries to take 90 pounds of sand home from a beach? That’s just insane!

I (and I’d assume many of you) have taken a small bit of sand from beaches during a trip but could you imagine taking 14 bottles of it home?

I’m curious to find out how this plays out and if the couple is sentenced to serve time in a jail in Italy.

Find out more from USA Today here.

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