Much Better 2nd Visit At Priority Pass Lounge, Bobby Van’s Grill- JFK Airport

Priority Pass LoungeA couple of months back, I wrote about a disappointing Priority Pass Lounge, Bobby Van’s Grill at JFK Airport.

BVG isn’t a typical Priority Pass Lounge, it’s a restaurant where members get a $28 credit. If you bring a guest, multiply it times 2 and you have $56 to spend during your visit.

While we weren’t happy with our selections, Kim and I figured another visit would be in order in the near future.

On the way to our Spring Break trip to Argentina & Uruguay, ending up being a good time to give BVG another try since we had an evening fight and wanted to get some dinner beforehand. Our plan was to skip the steak and burger and go with appetizers primarily.

This strategy worked out well. Overall, we were pleased with our choices and the cost was literally perfect (not on purpose).

Here is what we ordered:

Classic Wedge-$16: iceburg lettuce, bleu cheese dressing, topped with bacon & fried onionsa plate of food on a tableI’m a fan of wedge salads and like to order them from time to time. Steakhouses usually do wedge salads right so we went with the Classic Wedge.

The salad was pretty massive and the lettuce was fresh. Kim and I both enjoyed the salad but had one major problem- BVG put way too much bleu cheese dressing on top!

I love bleu cheese and the dressing on this salad was tasty but it was just way too much to the point of almost being nauseating unless you moved some of it away.

We wouldn’t order this salad again but it wasn’t a total dud.

Fish and Chips- $26: tempura style cod served with French fries, coleslaw and tartar saucea plate of food on a tableI wasn’t excited for this dish but Kim made a good point that this would be good for the kids. (BVG does offer a kid’s menu but its not in the menu and we didn’t ask how much it was.)

While a bit on the greasy side, the fish was absolutely delicious and meaty. I don’t believe that Theo ate anything but the fries, but Kim, Lucas and I were all really impressed with the fish.

The portion was pretty fair and we’d definitely order this during a future visit.

Chicken Wings- $14: choice of spicy, sweet chili, bbq saucea plate of chicken wings and sauceKim and I love wings and the order at BVG sounded like a bargain, especially for an airport restaurant.

We typically liked Buffalo- style, but with a long flight ahead we felt it was best to avoid spice! We decided to go with the wings with BBQ sauce.

From what I recall, there were 8 wings to the order- definitely a generous portion.

The wings weren’t over-sauced but they were still very messy. However, when messy means delicious, I’m OK with it.

The wings were very meaty, the skin was crispy and the BBQ sauce was awesome.

Overall, Kim and I loved the wings. I also took the meat off the bone for Lucas and he was a big fan, asking for more next time! It’s safe to say that we’d order the wings again.a receipt with a red circle and black textFinal Thoughts:

Our second visit to the Priority Pass Lounge, Bobby Van’s Grill at JFK Airport was a much better experience than our first time.

Like I mentioned above, we were allowed two $28 credits thanks to the Priority Pass. that comes to $56 in food and drink.

This  WAS NOT done on purpose but if you look at the receipt above, you’ll see that the three items we ordered came to exactly $56!

In the end, all we owed was tax which came to $4.97 plus the tip.

This worked out really well and the meal was much needed considering how bad the food was on our American Airlines flight!

Do you have a favorite Priority Pass Lounge?

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