The Not- So Secret Button On Your Airplane Seats

airplane seatsIn late 2017 I wrote a post, Have You Used The Secret Button On Your Airplane Seat?

To date, this is my most popular post all time!

Using the secret button can make flying much better:

  1. More space! Stretch your legs without restricted access or move your arm without feeling like your trapped in your seat’s space. (Just watch out for the service trolley!)
  2. When you land, it’s much easier to get out of your seat when the armrest is raised. Don’t take my word for it. Give it a try and you’ll see what I mean.

On a recent flight from St Louis to Chicago, I was surprised to see the sign pictured at the top of this post.

The sign on our United Airlines flight aboard an Embraer 145 gave away the details of the secret button on airplane seats for all to use! It even has instructions and arrows to point you to the right spot!After I lifted my armrest, I wanted to show you just what this secret button looked like.

On this plane, the button was a small white rectangle, partially sticking out. On many other planes, you need to stuck your finger into a small, circular cut out space. When you push the button inside, it releases the armrest.

Considering United Airlines is sharing details about how to release the armrest, maybe the secret button isn’t such a secret anymore!

Have you ever used the secret button on airplane seats?

6 thoughts on “The Not- So Secret Button On Your Airplane Seats

    1. Fly WN and there’s no worry about beverage carts (but one still has the hook or button to raise the aisle armrest!)

  1. Flew on J-Blue and couldn’t find the button anywhere. Even the FA didn’t know but there had to be one somewhere.

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