Impressive Airport Pizza by Wolfgang Puck at CUN

Wolfgang Puck

In July 2016 Lucas and I headed to Cancun, Mexico for our first summer trip.

It was a destination I wouldn’t have selected, however you can’t be overly picky when you win a trip online!

On our way home, Lucas and I were hungry. While wandering around the airport, I was really impressed by how new the terminal was. There were also a variety of dining options but one stood out that I had to try.

The Marketplace By Wolfgang Puck offers a variety of options but when I saw them making pizzas to order, I had to try one out.

There are five different pizzas offered but I wanted to keep it simple so I ordered a Margherita. The pizza is topped with fresh mozzarella, tomato sauce and basil.

It was impressive in itself to see the pizzas being made to order. I was even more surprised to see one of the pizzaiolos stretching the doughs. It’s safe to say that most of us would expect airport pizza to come frozen, not freshly made.

There was one other pizzaiolo who’s job was to prepare the pizza with toppings as well as make sure they were cooked properly. You’d think I was ordering pizza in a restaurant, not a fast-casual airport establishment.

The pizzas come in a box with the Wolfgang Puck logo on it. It also makes for a good plate.

The pizza had decent amount of sauce and dollops of fresh mozzarella spread around the pie. There was another cheese or two on the pizza. I’m pretty sure it was another mozzarella cheese. A parmesan-style cheese was sprinkled on after it was done.

The pizza was cooked well, with the bottom of the crust getting some nice color, but not burned.

Overall, the pizza had good flavor which Lucas and I enjoyed. Was this the best pizza I ever had? No, but it was pretty tasty and enjoyable for an airport offering. The price was reasonable, too. At 215 pesos, about $11.75 US, the pie was a reasonable price to pay and could feed two adults who aren’t looking for a big meal.

Overall, I’d recommend trying out the pizza at The Marketplace By Wolfgang Puck.

Wolfgang Puck has airport restaurants at a variety of destinations. I actually just saw one during my quick trip to Boston.

Dining options at airports are definitely improving. I’d surely add The Marketplace by Wolfgang Puck to my favorites list. If you need some help finding out where to dine at an airport, you can get some help here.

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