Our Favorite Amex Centurion Lounge Meal Was At…

Amex Centurion LoungeOn the way to Costa Rica, we had to spend a night in Dallas since we couldn’t get a direct flight for a fair price using our miles or points.

While this was kind of annoying for a few reasons, the one positive was that we had time to visit the Amex Centurion Lounge at DFW Airport! 

Up until this point, Kim and I had visited three Centurion Lounge locations (Lucas has been to two). We’ve been to Las Vegas (LAS), Miami (MIA) and New York (LGA). We’ve actually been to the LGA location so many times that the staff at the check-in desk usually know Lucas’s name!

We arrived at DFW Airport a few hours early and quickly made it through security. Then we went on the hunt to find the Amex Centurion Lounge. There wasn’t good signage for it, and we all walked right past the elevator which led up to our destination.

Once inside, we headed over to the food area to grab some lunch before our flight. I was hoping that there would be something good offered or else we’d have to see what was available to purchase in the airport.

Amex Centurion LoungeOne dish immediately stood out- Chili Smoked Brisket, created by Chef Dean Fearing.

I took a heaping pile of the brisket along with some tortillas and gave it a try. From what I recall, Lucas was eating some plain rice and Kim was having salad.

Once I dug in, I was really impressed. The meat was tender, juicy and packed with flavor! I also loved the texture of the meat as it is served shredded rather than in big slices which you usually need to cut. That can definitely be hard when you’re holding a baby and only have one hand to use!

The Chili Smoked Brisket is the kind of dish I’d expect to be served at an Amex Centurion Lounge, especially due to all of the hype they receive.

Lucas is a big barbecue fan. He loved burnt ends in Kansas City and really enjoys brisket and other meats at some excellent local BBQ joints in NYC. (FYI- Our favorite is Hometown Bar B Que, located in Red Hook, Brooklyn.)

Amex Centurion LoungeI offered Lucas a taste of the brisket and he asked for just a little bit. Once he took a taste his response was an enthusiastic “more please“!

I then had to get another pile of the meat to share with him. (Kim also enjoyed the dish but I’m not sure she loved it as much as Lucas and I.)

Overall, the Dallas Amex Centurion Lounge has a lot to offer and might just be my favorite location to date. They have excellent food, spa services (the massage was definitely relaxing), a kiddie play area and ample seating with areas to relax.

Which Amex Centurion Lounge serves your favorite meal?

How do you get access?

  • Complimentary access is offered to Platinum Card and Centurion Members.
  • American Express card members may purchase one-day passes for $50.

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2 thoughts on “Our Favorite Amex Centurion Lounge Meal Was At…

  1. Chris C- Where did you read that admission was only for Platinum personal cards? Admission is for Platinum personal, business and corporate card holders according to their site.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the Centurion Lounges that you’ve visited. I didn’t care for the Vegas food options. From what I recall (I was there a couple of years back), it was a Mediterranean-inspired menu.

  2. 1) Admission via holding the Amex Platinum personal card.
    2) My wife & I have been to the Centurion lounges at SFO, LAS, and DFW. Of the three, we think that DFW — overwhelmingly — has the best food. SFO always has good food and is getting even better. LAS has a very tasty breakfast. After that, though, LAS becomes a glorified, overcrowded Subway that serves bland pasta; the bar’s selection is meh. But, again, DFW has great food. We try to route our mileage runs through DFW so we can enjoy their food and cocktails once or twice or…

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