Find Out Where To Eat At Airports Around The US with Eater

where to eatWhen passing through an airport or during a long layover, it can be tough to decide out where to eat.

With the help of Eater’s Airport Dining Guides, you can get a little help to see what’s available without wandering all over the airport.

Currently, Eater has guides to tell you where to eat at lots of airports in the US as well as at a few in Canada.

Since I last wrote about Eater’s Airport Dining Guides, my list of favorite food at airports hasn’t really changed besides adding a couple of entries.

Some of my favorite airport food options:

When I arrive at an airport, if I’m in need of some food and don’t have lounge access, I google Eater and the name of the airport to see if a dining guide exists. If it does, you can usually skim over the guide (by terminal) to see what’s around.

Many of the guides have been updated. This is really helpful since we’re not relying on old information.

If you’re in need for a bite to eat at an airport, check out Eater’s Airport Guides here.

Oh- and if you have some favorite airport dining picks, let us know what they are.

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