Uber Driver Drops Passengers At Airports, Then Attempts To Rob Their Home!

UberTalk about a sneaky move…

An Uber driver dropped off his passengers at the airport and then headed back to try to rob their home in San Matteo, California.

Jackie Gordon Wilson was arrested the following day.

He was “booked on suspicion of attempted burglary and stealing from a home, the San Mateo Police Department said in a news release“, according to the LA Times.

An alarm at his Uber passenger’s home allegedly scared him off so Wilson then proceeded to rob another home close by.

Wilson was caught on camera thanks to security video taken at the homes.

Stolen items were found at Wilson’s home after officers went in with a search warrant.

When Wilson was arrested, he was still wearing the same clothing from the day before while he was caught on video sneaking around San Matteo. This made things easier for the officers when it came to identifying him.

Find out more from the LA Times here.

4 thoughts on “Uber Driver Drops Passengers At Airports, Then Attempts To Rob Their Home!

  1. I never put in my exact address. I rather walk across the street or a few doors down to a business or larger apartment building.

  2. I’m surprised this doesn’t happen more often. The driver knows the rider is going away and likely will be away from home for the next couple of days, especially if it’s a couple going to the airport. It’s not just ride share drivers though, the same thing could happen with any hired ride to the airport.

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