Buy A Lyft Ride Pass To Save $50+ On Next 10 Rides

lyftLyft sends out money saving offers frequently. The most recent one I received was to save $1.00 off my next 10 rides. While not a major savings, I’ll still take it (if needed).

Lyft is now offering a Ride Pass which can save you $50 or more on your next 10 rides. The catch is that you need to purchase the Ride Pass.

On a positive note, the pass costs a very fair $4.99 so if you know that you’ll be using Lyft for some upcoming rides, you’re guaranteed to get your money back in savings!

Here is how the Lyft Ride Pass works:

  • Buy the ride pass for $4.99 which is good for 28 days
  • Take a ride and get $5.00 off
  • Save $5.00 on up to 10 rides in 28 days
  • Once the 10 rides have been taken, you’ll get 5% off all other rides while the pass is still good.

Some Rules: (from the T&Cs)

  • Pass valid for 10 qualifying Lyft rides between time of purchase and 28 days after purchase
  • Unused rides do not carry over
  • Pass applies to Shared, Lyft Standard, Lyft XL, Lux, Lux Black, and Lyft Lux XL, and excludes bikes and scooter rides.
  • Pass applies wherever Lyft is live in the United States.
  • Pass does not apply to rides in Canada.
  • Pass good for up to $5 discount per ride.
  • Any amounts exceeding $5 will be charged to your payment method on file.
  • Pass does not apply to tips, cancellation fees, or damage charges.
  • Pass must be purchased within 7 days of receiving the original offer.
  • Limit one Pass per Lyft user. 

I wasn’t sure if this was a targeted offer so I tried to sign Kim up. After verification, it said that the offer was not available. So yes, this is a targeted offer.

If you want to see if your account qualifies, you can do so here.

5 thoughts on “Buy A Lyft Ride Pass To Save $50+ On Next 10 Rides

  1. So you take a single ride and then get the $5 that you paid for the pass back, at which point you’re purely just saving money?

  2. Interesting. I received an offer of $14.99 for $5 off the next 20 rides in the next 28 days (& 5% off thereafter). A less good deal than yours.

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