Flight Diverted, Hero Pilot Orders Pizza For Passengers

L’Industrie- (not ordered by Air Canada)

An Air Canada flight had to be diverted due to bad weather earlier in the week.

The plane was stuck on the tarmac for hours which probably led to some hungry and upset passengers. To help the situation, the pilot decided to have pizza delivered to the plane!

Air Canada Flight 608 was flying from Toronto to Halifax, Nova Scotia. Weather caused the plane to be diverted to Fredericton, New Brunswick.

After a few hours, the pilot called up Minglers Restaurant and Pub, ordering 23 pizzas with cheese and pepperoni. The restaurant had the order ready in an hour. It was then delivered to the plane.

One passenger mentioned how “she credits the pilot for keeping the passengers informed and fed after being on the plane for about eight hours from the time they boarded in Toronto“, according to CNN.

This isn’t the first time that pizza helped save the day. In 2014, a Frontier Airlines plane was stuck on the tarmac so the piloted ordered 38 pizzas. In 2015, Delta Air Lines ordered pizza for a grounded flight.

Find out more about the most recent case of how pizza saved the day here.

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