Locals Want This Street In Paris Closed To Tourists

image: Instagram @pu1eum

Residents of a Paris street are getting tired of all of the tourists visiting their block and are asking the city for help.

If the residents have their way, the street, Rue Crémieux will be closed to tourists.

This sounds like a rather odd request so you must be wondering what the problem is?

It turns out that Instagram is in some way causing the problems.

Curbed mentions that “it’s a classic 21st-century story—give people a colorful house, a geotag, and a camera, and they’ll make a pilgrimage for the perfect shot.

The Parisian street Rue Crémieux is a cobblestone street with pastel colored row-houses along it. Due to how photogenic the street is, it draws lots of visitors looking for that perfect Instagram shot.

Now, residents of the street are asking the city to close the street at night and on weekends, the times that Curbed say are  “at its most unbearable.”

During our recent trip to Paris over winter break we didn’t visit this popular street. I guess if I had read about it, I may’ve considered stopping by.

While not quite as colorful, reading about this street in Paris reminded me of our visits to Elfreth’s Alley, America’s oldest residential street. Elfreth’s Alley is also a very busy street with tourists frequently stopping by to take photos.

However, I’m not sure that the residents mind the attention. During our last visit, one woman was selling baked goods out of her home!

Maybe the residents of Rue Crémieux should embrace the popularity of their street. Then again, I could see it being very annoying if throngs of tourists were always stopping by to take photos on my block!

Find out more from Curbed here.

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