Plane Stuck On Tarmac, Pilot Orders 38…

screen capture from NBC News clip

If I get delayed on the tarmac in the future, hopefully the pilot is as nice as this one…

A Frontier Airlines flight (which took off from Washington D.C.) got diverted to Cheyenne, Wyoming due to severe thunderstorms while on the way to Denver.

With a plane full of hungry passengers and no food left on the plane, what’s a pilot to do? 

Order pizzas!

According to NBC News, pilot Gerard Bradner ordered 38 pizzas to feed all of the passengers stuck on the plane while waiting for the storm to let up.

The most amazing part is that Bradner paid for the pizzas himself. I hope that he used miles or points earning credit card to pay the tab!

This is the second hero pilot that I can ever recall reading about.

Back in 2009 the world got to know Sully Sullenberger for  landing a US Airways plane with 155 passengers on the Hudson River in NYC. Now we have Gerard Bradner, a pilot who would not let passengers go hungry while on his watch!

Check out the NBC News video:

Find out more about the story in the NBC News article here.

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