Delta Airlines Orders Pizza For Grounded Flights

Delta Airlines
Julianna’s Pizza (not ordered by Delta)

Last summer a Frontier Airlines pilot ordered pizza for passengers on a flight which got diverted in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

It now looks like Delta Airlines followed Frontier’s lead to help hungry passengers on five grounded flights on November 18. Delta spread some good will by ordering…. Pizza!

The flights were diverted “because of a radar-confirmed tornado near Atlanta’s Hartfield-Jackson International Airport“, according to USA Today’s Road Warrior Voices. While passengers were stuck in Columbia, South Carolina they were treated to some pizza served by the flight attendants.

Based on some tweets shared in the post, it seems like the passengers were genuinely happy with the airline’s thoughtfulness, some even calling Delta the best airline ever!

Delta Airlines

This is quite a difference to what Kim, Lucas and I experienced trying to fly out of NYC’s LaGuardia Airport on November 19. We were supposed to catch a quick flight to Toronto only to find out thanks to TripIt that our American Airlines flight was delayed. It was then cancelled and we were able to get seats on another flight. With pretty much no communication shared, we waited around for hours, being told the flight was being delayed over and over again, just to have it cancelled! I’ll probably share more about this experience another time.

Good job Delta Airlines, spreading good-will through pizza!

Find out more from Road Warrior Voices here.

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