An Unlikely Encounter: Richard Branson at Delta T4 Opening

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Michael W. with Richard Branson
It’s been a very busy last couple of days over here at Michael W Travels.
I’m currently in Milwaukee, Wisconsin for Memorial Day Weekend. Instead of packing and planning my trip, I was attending a couple of Delta events.
I went to:
  • Thursday- T4X closing concert  Ed Sheeran in NYC
  • Friday- The opening of Terminal 4 at JFK Airport.

Check back for detailed posts about each of those events very soon.

I was hoping to get some posts done tonight but my flight to Milwaukee took off over an hour late and when we got to our hotel, Lucas decided to get a second wind and play for a while!
a sign on the wall of a building
The new Sky Club entrance at T4, JFK Airport
While checking out Terminal 4 (T4), my brother and I decided to head over to the new Delta Sky Club. As we got on the escalator I saw a girl coming down holding a Virgin Airlines plane model. Following just up the escalator was Sir Richard Branson!
Unfortunately my camera was away so I couldn’t snap any shots when I first saw him coming down the escalator.
I wanted to meet and take a photo with Branson so I had to think fast. I decided to turn around and go down the stairs once we got off the escalator.
a couple of men in suits
Busy on the phone
I caught up to Richard and his friend relatively fast and decided to walk close by, just taking  a few photos. I did this for about a minute or two, taking 2-3 photos before getting up the nerve to say something to him. (Prior to me saying anything to him, he looked up and briefly smiled.)
a couple of men in suits
I had a very short interaction with Richard Branson. Here is how it went.
MW– Hi Richard, can I take a picture with you.
Richard– Sure mate.
Richard slows down, puts a hand on my shoulder and turns to the camera for a picture.
I wasn’t sure what to say to such a powerful man so I just made some small talk.
MW– I just wanted to let you know that I follow you on Twitter. You must be flattered.
Richard– Yes, I am! (He smiles and laughs a little bit)
I then went on to thank Richard for giving me a moment of his time and taking the picture with me. Then my brother asked him to take a photo. He stopped for a second for him and then started to walk away saying he had to go.
We were both pretty surprised and impressed at how friendly Richard was.
Once Richard was gone, my brother and I headed back to the Sky Club to check out the new lounge and get a look at the Sky Deck. That post will have to wait for another day!
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