Shake Shack Grand Opening-Brooklyn

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Burgers are one of my favorite foods and when I heard that Shake Shack was coming to Brooklyn, I was really psyched.

It just so happened that the grand opening was going to be on my birthday (12/20) so I figured I would go for lunch!

I e-mailed the restaurant and found out that Shake Shack would be opening around 11AM and some VIPs would be present for a ceremony. I arrived at 10:45 expecting a huge line but was pleasanly surprised to see only 2 people ahead of me.

a group of people standing outside of a restaurant
Waiting in line

While waiting on line, many reporters started turning up and went inside for the ceremony. Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz arrived next followed by NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg a few minutes later. It would’ve been nice if Shake Shack let a few of us in from the line to see the ceremony but it seemed to be open only to the press and VIPs.

Around 11:15 some of the reporters started leaving. A friendly older man from 1010WINS radio started asking questions to each of us waiting on line. I am not sure if my comments made it into his report but I was happy to answer his questions either way.

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1010WINS Interview

I was also interviewed by reporters from two newspapers- the New York Observer and Daily News. The story from the Observer is already online and I was mentioned in it. The reporter from the Daily News said the article will be in tomorrow’s paper so I will have to go get a copy in the morning.

You can check out the NY Observer Shake Shack Article here.

When it was almost time to go in, we were directed to move the line to the door around the corner. As we lined up at the other entrance friendly Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz came by . I asked him what he liked from Shake Shack. He seemed to like quite a few things- the Shack-cago Dog, Double Cheeseburger, Fries and one of the concretes exclusive to the Brooklyn location.

a man standing next to another man
with Marty Markowitz
people sitting at a table in a restaurant
Mayor Bloomberg having a bite

We finally made it inside around 11:30. Mayor Bloomberg was finishing up his meal while I was waiting in line to order. The line moved relatively fast and the cashier was happy to take my order. I got a Double Cheeseburger, my wife had the ‘Shroom Burger. We also shared an order of fries and tried out one of the new concretes called Fudge-gadaboutit. The food was as tasty as ever and it was nice to now have a Shake Shack a little closer to home!

a man holding a burger and fries
One last thing that I always find interesting at Shake Shacks- the tables are usually made from recycled materials.
The tables and other wall trimmings in this new location were made in Brooklyn from materials that were once part of a bowling lane.
Here are a couple of pics from the table tops:
a close up of a sign
a close-up of a logo
Shake Shack is located at 409 Fulton Street Brooklyn, NY
Check out the Shake Shack website at

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