Tragic: Flight Attendant Dies, Hawaiian Airlines Flight Diverted

a plane at the airport
image: wikicommons

A Hawaiian Airlines flight had to be diverted when tragedy struck earlier in the week.

The plane was heading from Honolulu to New York City when “a flight attendant died of an apparent heart attack“, according to Fox News.

Hawaiian Airlines Flight 50 ended up landing in San Francisco due to what took place.

It was reported that airline crew members  performed CPR on their fallen colleague for hours. When announcements were made, looking for doctors onboard, a paramedic and doctor stepped in and tried to help.

The potential life- saving efforts were stopped before the plane touched down in San Francisco.

The flight attendant, Emile Griffith had worked for the airline for 31 years.

The plane had 253 passengers on board and 12 crew members. The passengers made it to their intended destination by being put on other flights.

Find out more about this tragedy from Fox News here and here.

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