Did I Get A Chase Ink Bold Retention Offer?

Chase Ink Bold

I’ve had the Chase Ink Bold card for a few years now and it’s been one of my favorites along with the Ink Business Plus card.

I (and probably most you) love Ink cards due to the ability to earn 5X points at office supply stores and on cable/ cell phone bills.

When the $95 annual fee recently came up for my Chase Business Bold card, I had an important decision to make.Should I keep or cancel the card?

Since the Chase Ink Bold card is no longer available, I was hoping to get the annual fee waived so I could hold onto the card. On the other hand, if the fee was not waived or no solid offer was made, I could still use my Ink Business Plus card to earn 5X points.

I called the customer service phone # on the back of my card and spoke to a friendly agent.

After answering some basic questions about my account, I was asked what they could do for me.

I mentioned how I was thinking of closing my card and was then asked what the reason was (that made me want to close the card). I immediately mentioned the annual fee.

Once I mentioned the fee, the rep said “Let me see if there’s an offer for a fee credit”. Soon after, I was disappointed to hear that she didn’t see any offers for me.

I was then given a run down of all of the benefits the card provides. While the benefits are good, I still didn’t want to shell out $95 to keep the card.

I then asked one last time if there was any way to waive the fee. The rep then put in some sort of request but that request was quickly declined. She also mentioned how the system wouldn’t let her reverse the charge of the fee.

With the fee not waived, no bonus offers available and nobody else to talk to about this, I made the difficult decision to close my Chase Ink Bold card.

I’ll now use my Ink Plus card at office supply stores & to pay my cable/ telephone bill. When the fee comes up for this card, I just hope I do better and get the fee waived. If not, I’ll have a really difficult decision to make…

What would you have done? Paid the fee or closed the account?

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7 thoughts on “Did I Get A Chase Ink Bold Retention Offer?

  1. I keep 2 chase ink cards open. I wish I could get more. Its very easy for me to MS these cards for 250k points a year.

  2. +1 for Ink Cash, that’s what I did. You get 2x on dining, so in effect that makes Sapphire completely useless.

  3. Caveman-Interesting option…

    Charlie- I briefly considered doing that but I am not a fan of downgrading unless I get a bonus! If I don’t get an offer on my Ink Plus I might have to downgrade to keep getting 5X points.

    Rich- 🙂

  4. I would have downgraded it to the Chase Ink Cash. Half the spending bonus at 5X retailers ($25,000 annually) but no annual fee.

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