FAs Say It Isn’t Wrong To Take Amenity Kits + Vote In Poll

Amenity Kit
Got this flying in first from Tokyo-NY

In late March I asked Have You Taken An Amenity Kit When Flying In Coach? While some of you agreed with me that it was OK to do, others felt it was similar to stealing or at least wrong to do…

This led me to start a poll asking Is It Wrong To Take Amenity Kits When Flying In Coach?The poll is still open (until April 21 at midnight), so please make sure to vote if you haven’t already done so.

While reading some comments and thinking more about the topic, I thought of a great idea- why not ask a couple of flight attendants that I’m friendly with to share some insight on this topic!

One of the FAs works for American Airlines and the other works for Delta. I won’t be sharing their real names in this post since I was asked not to. Fair enough…

Amenity Kit
Given to me at NY Times Travel Show

I sent messages to both FAs explaining the poll I was running along with the scenario of coach passengers grabbing an amenity kit on the way off the plane from business class. I asked what they do with open kits, brand new kits, if there was any official policy and other things along those lines. You get the idea.

I’ll just share the important details…

Flight Attendant 1- American Airlines:

If the kits have not been opened we save them in the closet. If they are open the cleaners come on and most likely toss them. Depends on FA if they would say anything to someone from coach taking one on the way out. Some FA really don’t care too much and others are opposite!

The flight attendants don’t have any “procedures” regarding the kits. Like blankets and leftover headsets we can’t “police” what people may “Take” on the way out. We are busy dealing with other things besides saying buh-bye!”

Flight Attendant 2- Delta Airlines:

The used kits we leave in the seats for cabin service to take I suppose. The unused ones we store and keep for future flights. I personally don’t care who takes what really. Some flight attendants get miffed by it since they are business class amenities. I personally don’t worry about it lol. If someone really wants a used kit who cares if they take it.”

Amenity Kit
Snagged on our way to Myanmar

The Results:

So based on what I was told by two flight attendants from two different airlines, it seems like taking kits (like I assumed) is not a big deal and FA’s really don’t care. Open kits are in fact, most likely tossed out, the FAs don’t even know their fate because it probably is of no importance to the airline. However, brand new kits are saved to be given out again.

It is also safe to say that there are no policies regarding amenity kits. The flight attendants decide for themselves whether or not to care or get annoyed if a coach class passenger tries to grab a kit when exiting the plane.

So it’s safe to say that those of us that grab a kit when exiting the plane are really doing nothing wrong.

Oh, and is it stealing? It appears to be (and like I thought), a definite no.

Don’t forget:

For those of you that haven’t voted in my poll, please make sure to do so here.

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