NYC L Train Shutdown, UberPool To The Rescue


When it comes to fun promotions and capitalizing or helping out with bad situations, Uber seems to know how to make it work for them.

Uber first caught my eye due to wacky promos like delivering kittens to snuggle for 15 minutes, christmas trees on demand and air conditioners in NYC.

They’ve also received a lot of attention due to their surge pricing model. While many are against this technique, loyal riders like it since it creates more opportunities to get a car during busier times…

With the New York City MTA shutting down L train service for the next five weekends, Uber is trying to help out a bit.

How might Uber be of some help? They’ll be offering $5 flat fare rates with UberPool.

The L train service between 8th Avenue in NYC to Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg, Brooklyn will be stopped for the next five weekends from Friday night through Monday morning. This will go on until May 18.

According to Gothamist, “There are some creative ways for commuters to cross the East River, of course—there’s the J train, which you can connect to via free shuttles at L stations, or the G, or buses, or biking“.

Those options sound like a bit of a pain so Uber’s $5 flat rate doesn’t actually sound so bad. However, you will be sharing a ride with a stranger. Uber also promises no surge pricing- but will there always be cars available?

The $5 rate is per person so if you’re traveling with a bunch of people I wonder if it could be cheaper to just get a cab? (FYI- I have never taken a cab from Williamsburg to Manhattan so I have no clue what that might cost.)

Find out more from Gothamist here.

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4 thoughts on “NYC L Train Shutdown, UberPool To The Rescue

  1. I just used this service yesterday and traveled with one other, very nice passenger. A trip that normally would have cost around $25-$30 (8th Ave/14th St L stop to Lorimer stop) only cost $5. Can’t recommend it enough. THANK YOU UBER!

  2. Portions of the L Train seem to have forever been shutting down for as long as I can remember.

    I especially despised having to take the temporary “shuttle” between Atlantic Avenue and Rockaway Parkway; and there were the times where no one could take the L train beyond Broadway Junction.

    I do not miss those days…

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