Basketball Star Drives for Uber

Uber Drivers

College basketball players might be rock stars on campus but they still need to earn some cash to pay for things.

Imagine being the star of your college basketball team and you’re currently in the NCAA tournament.

Fans can watch you playing on television or they could request a ride from you through the Uber app!

Well not exactly…

I don’t believe that it is possible to request a specific driver when requesting an Uber but some Xavier fans might be getting a ride from star center Matt Stainbrook from time to time in Cincinnati.

The 6’10, 270 pound center gave his full scholarship to his younger brother and now drives for Uber to make some extra money.

Based on his size, I’d love to know what kind of car he is driving.

Stainbrook is working towards his MBA. His grad program costs around $14,000 per year. His younger brother, a walk-on for the basketball team is an undergrad with school costing around $43,000 per year.

According to Yahoo, “Stainbrook said he talked to “compliance people,” and they allowed him to switch his scholarship with his little brother“.  The article mentions how Stainbrook couldn’t see using his scholarship for only $14,000.

He also happens to enjoy driving for Uber.

The article goes on to say “I think it just slows things down for me… I love talking to people, I love learning about people, I love making connections.”

Pretty cool stuff…

Find out more from Yahoo here.

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