Target REDcard, JetBlue Hotel, North Korea Travel, Scorpion Atttack on Plane, 1,000 Free Points & More- The Rehash

The Weekly Rehash
Kim, Lucas and I got back last night from a visit to Charleston, SC. We had a great time but certainly could’ve used another couple of days… We’ve also been working on finishing off planning our spring break trip which is to a destination I’ve been wanting to visit for years.

Otherwise, it looks like Kim and I should be going on a trip in a little over a week from now where we’ll be leaving Lucas home for only the second time… That’s the update on what’s up in our travels…

And now it’s time to take a look back at some of the posts from this past week in a recap that I like to call- The Rehash!

If you travel with kids, you might be happy to know that  Disney movies now available on Southwest flights.

For those of you interested in manufactured spending, check out a couple of posts about Target’s prepaid REDcard:

I personally can not stand the term selfie. Make sure to Be careful taking selfies- Boy falls 1,640 feet off cliff, survives

Find out why JetBlue opened a boutique hotel. 

An interesting offer from US Airways where I can Earn 50% more miles with US Airways card.

It seems like this country can’t make up it’s mind!  North Korea lifts travel ban and is now allowing tourists to enter marathon.

This is one of the more bizarre stories (airline related) that I’ve read in a while…This is just strange, man  found in JetBlue cockpit.

Be careful the next time you board a plane. Scorpion stings man three times, causes flight to turn back.

Last week I wrote to keep an eye out for Club Carlson promo and then they announced that #HashtagHotel Returns: 1,000 Free Points, Possibly More. Don’t forget to register to at least get your 1,000 free points!

Star Wars and Indiana Jones star Harrison Ford seriously injured in plane crashFrom what I’ve read, he is doing much better today.

Such a tough decision… 500 IHG points or 2 bottles of water- What would you choose?

When I read the last article, I wondered what could possible be in the luggage. You’ll never guess what the TSA found.

And on that note, I hope that everyone has a great week. Make sure to keep checking back for daily new posts here at Michael W Travels!

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‘Til next time!

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