REDcard Experience, Cheap Europe, Diplomat Smuggling Gold, Creepy Things On Flights, Uber Jobs & More- The Rehash


It’s been a very busy week around here. With trips to two travel doctors, we’re making progress with our trip which is fast approaching at the end of this month. Now if we could just finish off our hotel bookings already…

Kim and I are looking forward to our upcoming trip this Wednesday although we’ll really miss Lucas. I’m sure we’ll be feeling like something (someone) is missing quite a bit.

And now it’s time to take a look back at some of the posts from this past week in a recap that I like to call- The Rehash!

Radisson hints at a new sponsorship which is with the Tough Mudder obstacle race.

We had a really nice time during our most recent trip. Find out what we had booked in my post on Trip Planning: $511.89 + 15,000 points= Trip for 3 to Charleston, SC.

I’m surprised that this hadn’t already been the case as small amounts of pot are decriminalized in Jamaica.

It sounds a bit ridiculous that a diplomat tried to smuggle $1.7 million in gold through customs.

In the never ending saga involving macadamia nuts, Korean Air FA to sue airline over nutty situation.

We should certainly recognize Uber for the good they do as it isn’t all surge pricing… Uber to create 1,000,000 jobs for women.

Creepiest things you can do on a flight. Have anything to add?

This should end up working out very well for us. double Welcome Rewards night fail, I’ll take the $100 credit.

An app that some of you might find interesting- Interactive tool predict flight delays.

One of the crazier stories I’ve ever come across when it comes to air travel- Can’t afford flight, did man really mail himself from the UK to Australia.

Retention offers just aren’t what they used to be- Citi AA Retention Offer: “But we’ll miss you if you do that.”

Everyone likes a good deal so it might pay to check out Europe’s cheapest cities to visit.

It still seems like mixed results from store to store. Check out my Target REDcard Experience: Charleston.

One of the more unique inflight entertainment options ever- If dragons on a plane sound this good, how are they in concert?

And on that note, I hope that everyone has a great week. Make sure to keep checking back for daily new posts here at Michael W Travels!

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‘Til next time!

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