Have You Taken An Amenity Kit When Flying Coach?

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When flying upfront in premium cabins like First or Business Class I’ve always found it exciting to see what the amenity kit will look like.

Last month I wrote about the most awesome airline amenity kits.

During flights we’ve received some really nice kits (Lufthansa’s Oktoberfest Inspired Kit) and some major disappointments (Finnair’s Business Class Kit). We’ve also received a couple of basic amenity kits when flying in the back of the plane.

Recently American Airlines honored the past with a line of new amenity kits. I’d love to get one of these for my collection but don’t think I’ll be flying an AA premium cabin while they are given out.

Kim and I have also collected a few items to make Lucas his very own kiddie amenity kit.

So why all of the mention of airline amenity kits?

Well, I was doing some reading online and came across a USA Today article about Cool travel hacks: new uses for airline amenity kits.

The article had a slideshow with some very nice amenity kits along with ways to repurpose them. The most popular options were using the kits as a tablet case and for women to use some as an evening bag.

Along with these ideas the article also mentioned “many frequent fliers who travel “up front” leave the kits behind, and while airlines don’t necessarily encourage this, as you file past business and first upon deplaning you won’t get arrested if you grab a kit that’s been left behind on a seat“.

This made me wonder if any of you have ever taken amenity kits left behind at the end of a flight?

I have….

A couple of times I’ve taken kits while flying in coach as I exited the plane. I tried to be discreet about it, one time making believe I was tying my shoe as I bent down and snagged a case, while the other time I used Lucas as a shield! While flying home on Lufthansa in Business Class, one time I took an extra kit (the Oktoberfest version) while waiting to leave the plane.

On these few occasions I don’t think that any flight attendants saw me taking the kits but I did wonder if they’d care. I consider that what I did was actually help them clean up the aircraft. The kits were opened and not useable anymore so why would it matter if I took something that would most likely go in the garbage!

So, what do you think:

  1. Is it wrong to take amenity kits while exiting the plane?
  2. Have you ever snagged an amenity kit while flying in coach as you got off of the plane?

Please let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

13 thoughts on “Have You Taken An Amenity Kit When Flying Coach?

  1. Amanda Workman- I’d love to get one of the AA retro kits but haven’t been flying on AA recently. If you get any doubles maybe you’d like to trade! 🙂

    Mark- That is good advice and I generally do agree. For the record Lucas was under a year old so I don’t think he’ll remember me taking other peoples’s garbage off the plane!

  2. “…making believe I was tying my shoe as I bent down and snagged a case, while the other time I used Lucas as a shield…”
    My mom always said if you have to hide what you are doing, you probably ought not to be doing it. Good advice…and using your child to cover your questionable behavior…what lesson does that teach Lucas?

  3. I totally have taken extra. I am trying to collect the current AA retro collection & on my last flight I actually asked a couple of people if they were going to take theirs. I didn’t care about the wee goodies. I just wanted the different kits. I’ve got 3 of the current collection & need to get some flights in to nab some more!

  4. Beth Frank- I’ve never asked a FA for an extra. I like the idea!

    Rob Lambert- Go for it- we don’t use sterling. Oh and I won’t be inviting you to dinner! “Steal much”- never. I don’t think that taking a used/ left behind kit is considered stealing. Do they reuse the old kits? I somehow doubt it…

    Valerie- Interesting idea about the blankets. I’m pretty sure one of the airlines had a tag on the blanket that said something like- do not remove from aircraft. Would you remove one of those or leave it?

  5. I’ve not taken the amenity kits. But I have taken enough blankets while flying up front to fill a home. My beagles live in the lap of luxury with cozy AA blankets and I even snagged one of the really nice blankets from business class on my last trip to London. I agree. If a kit was available I’d take it if I wasn’t flying up front.

  6. “I consider that what I did was actually help them clean up the aircraft.” So when you invite me to dinner, I may help you clean up the table by putting your sterling in my bag? Sure you won’t mind that help. Steal much?

    1. If I just use my sterling once, and then toss it, feel free to take it. Most people wash and reuse sterling, unlike used amenity kits (I hope).

  7. I’ve taken on the way out.

    I’ve also asked FA’s if there were any extra, and they’ve gladly delivered to us.

    It’s so much fun to see all the little goodies inside.

  8. Tom- Some of them do have value. I’ve looked up a few on ebay and those sold in the $5 to $20 range… I haven’t sold any so I’m not sure how a kit being used opposed to new affects the price.

    Drew B- Very nice! Are those the Rimowa kits?

  9. I haven’t done it, but they are just going to throw them away anyway, so why not? Even if a FA wanted to collect them for personal reasons, they probably could accumulate more than enough. Do any kits have resale value (in a partially used state)?

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