Hilton Cancels 279 Point Per Night Mistake Bookings, Oh Well…

Hilton Cabo San Lucas

A couple of days back I came across a deal (mistake?) posted by One Mile At A Time. The Hilton Cabo San Lucas was offering rooms for an overly ridiculous low price of 279 points per night.

I quickly logged in to my Hilton HHonors account and booked a random weekend towards the end of September for 3 nights.

I wasn’t even sure if we could take the trip if the rate was honored since there are things to consider like work and getting a flight to the destination…

The idea of visiting another area in Mexico was quite appealing to me since Kim and I had just returned from a really fun trip to Puerto Vallarta. PV is an area that I’d consider a great family friendly destination which I’d like to return to with Lucas some day. Since Lucas didn’t come along on the trip, I’d love to bring him to an area that has quite a similar name to him- Cabo San Lucas!

Here is what I had booked:

Hilton Cabo San LucasSo for 837 Hilton HHonors points we could’ve had a stay valued at $1,200 or more per night. (For that value I was sure to try to make the trip happen.)

Hilton Cabo San Lucas

But it wasn’t meant to be and I’m OK with that. With September being the beginning of the school year, (being a teacher )it’s better to not take off any extra days if I don’t have to.

About the cancellation:

Late last night I received an e-mail from Cristian Rochin with the subject Hilton Los Cabos.

I knew right away that this had to be a cancellation e-mail. I was just a bit surprised that it didn’t look like a more official e-mail…

In the e-mail, Cristian explained how they were testing out their systems since the resort will soon be opening again. “The reservations were mistakenly enabled by a software issue during our reservation system rebuilding process. For a period of one hour units of time share ownership which are not part of the resort inventory were able to be reserved online.

Wow! So Hilton has a hotel where some of the rooms are not even theirs to book? Weird… (In order to book these rooms you have to be a timeshare owner.)

The message continued to say that “All of these reservations will be cancelled and we regret any inconvenience this system software issues may have caused“.

I checked my Hilton HHonors account and the points have already been returned.

In the end, this isn’t such a disappointing development, I think most of us that booked this rate expected the cancellation to happen.

However, it was nice to wonder for a couple of days if we would be trying to go to Cabo to stay in what sounded like a beautiful room and resort!

Did any of you book a room at the Hilton Cab San Lucas for 279 points per night? If so, are you disappointed that the rate won’t be honored or did you expect this to be the case in the end?

2 thoughts on “Hilton Cancels 279 Point Per Night Mistake Bookings, Oh Well…

  1. I had 4 nights in October booked and assumed they would be canceled. I’ll definitely agree with you…would have been a great trip if they did decide to honor the mistake!

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