No Foreign Transaction Fee With US Airways MasterCard

foreign transaction fee

We now have another credit card option to consider when traveling abroad.

Last night I received an e-mail from US Airways MasterCard that there would no longer be a foreign transaction fee charged when using your card anywhere in the world.

After recently closing my British Airways and Chase Sapphire cards, (two cards that I usually brought along during our travels) I was left with my Ink cards, Citi Executive cards and not much else. (I’m not counting my Amex Platinum card since I should be closing it in the near future.)

Having another option for purchases while traveling that is fee-free is a big plus. It’s also nice to add a card issued by another bank to the mix. If possible I try to bring cards from different banks as well as one Amex, Visa & MC that doesn’t charge a foreign fee if possible.

Here is the message I received from Barclaycard:

foreign transaction fee

What do you think of Barclaycard no longer charging a foreign transaction fee for the US Airways MasterCard? I like having options so this is definitely a positive.

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