BoA Alaska Airlines Biz Card Retention Offer- Really?


When the $75 annual fee appeared on the bill for my Bank of America Alaska Airlines Business card I knew that I had a very important call to make.

Since the Alaska Airlines card isn’t one that I really use, I wanted to see if there was anything the bank could do or offer me to keep my card.

It was time to make a call and inquire about a retention offer.

I dialed up the phone number on the back of my card (800-673-1044) and followed some prompts like my card number. After a brief wait I then got the opportunity to speak with one of the reps.

I mentioned how I was looking to close my card and the rep said that he could help me with that. Unlike many of the other banks that don’t want to lose our business, there were no pleasantries asking me why I wanted to close my card or comments like we’re sorry to be losing your business etc.

As the rep clicked away and was about to close my account I figured that I’d ask if he had any special offers for me so that I’d keep my card open.

In a not so enthusiastic tone, I was told that there was only one offer for me.

Hoping that the offer would bring me a chunk of miles, my hopes were quickly dashed.

The only offer that was available was a credit line increase. Oh, and that comes with my account going through a review which from what I understand means a credit check.

Talk about a crappy non-offer!

I immediately shot down this lame offer and went on to close my account.

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13 thoughts on “BoA Alaska Airlines Biz Card Retention Offer- Really?

  1. Chuck- Exactly!

    ShiNuffHarlem- They definitely seem to do things their own way and are not a bank I see myself doing much business with. (Although I could use another Alaska card at some point! lol)

  2. They wouldn’t even let me move over my credit limit without an inquiry!!!! Whats up BOA??? Would get so much more of my business if they modernized. Oldest website, agents were very untrained, and won’t even transfer credit limits.

  3. I experienced the exact same scenario last week. BofA does not follow a retention system like their competitors do apparently.

  4. LR- Not sure where I felt entitlement here. I never demanded anything, just inquired about it before closing my card. I think most call and look into retention offers when closing a card. Glad you found the humor in this at least!

    Carl P- Odd for sure! Sounds like they didn’t actually close your card when you had asked them to.

  5. I got the same thing when I recently cancelled my SPG Amex (I just don’t do SPG properties that often).

    Then the curious part… Three days after cancelling they call me about suspicious activity on the card (a $45 dollar charge attempted from a place I had never heard of). I let them know I had cancelled and destroyed card a few days before. It was pretty strange timing.

  6. LOL.

    Classic sense of entitlement.

    Yeah…sooo crazy that they didn’t offer you sh*t considering you don’t use the card and are too cheap to pay the annual fee. Crazy.

  7. It sounds more like you’re upset that they didn’t follow your mental script and engage with you after being coy about what you really wanted.

    You started out letting them know you were trying to scam them by saying that you, an unprofitable business customer, wanted to close your account, and then immediately back-tracked. What, as a business-to-business customer, were you offering to them in return?

    True, every bank is different, but B of A seems pretty rational in this case.

  8. Scottrick- Not at all but it also isn’t like they even looked into it like most other banks would! Have you been offered a retention offer to keep your Alaska card open?

  9. Alex- It seems like they aren’t interested in trying to keep us from canceling the card!

    Marty Dee- Have you used it? I never have for this or the personal card.

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