NatGeo Needs Help Nominating 2015 Travelers of the Year

national geographic traveler

National Geographic is looking for help in selecting their 2015 Travelers of the Year.

They’re looking for “travelers with a purpose” and would like “hear about fascinating people visiting far-flung places, doing astonishing things“.

Do you know of anyone who’s travels that fits this description?

Nat Geo will honor the 10 Travelers of the Year in their November issue of National Geographic Traveler magazine.

The deadline to nominate someone (or even yourself) is March 1, 2015.

To get an idea of what kind of travelers Nat Geo is looking for, check out their 2014 Travelers of the Year here.

When nominating a traveler you’ll be asked some information about your nominee and to describe what makes the person special along with how he/ she travels.

If you think you know somebody who’s travels might be a match for this honor from National Geographic, you can fill out the nomination form here.

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