Best Gifts For Travelers, My Picks

best gifts for travelers
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With Hanukkah beginning tomorrow evening and Christmas less than 10 days away, I’m running a bit late in sharing my picks and ideas for best gifts for travelers this holiday season.

However, it’s never too late to share some ideas and suggestions…

While thinking about gift ideas, I thought of some products that I use or have which are related to travel. I also included a couple of things that I was interested in trying out. One of them is actually not available yet.

Here are my picks and suggestions of items that could make for great holiday gifts for those of you that love travel!

best gifts for travelers
Clothing Arts Pick Pocket Proof Pants

Clothing Arts Pick-Pocket Proof Pants Keep your items secure while still looking good:

If you’re looking for an awesome, well made pair of travel pants, look no further than Clothing Arts for their Pick-Pocket Proof pants (and shorts). Clothing Arts are pick-pocket proof, wrinkle free and will keep you looking good during your travels. After being given a pair of pants to try out they became a personal favorite. (Check out my review here.) Clothing Arts also have a women’s variety which I haven’t read much about but I’d expect them to be just as good as the men’s version.

best gifts for travelers
image: Belkin

Belkin SurgePlus 3-Outlet Mini Travel Charger Surge Protector  Get more power:

Is it only me or do hotels, hostels and other accommodations seem to never have enough outlets to charge our things? I came across this Belkin travel surge protector which can help you charge up to 5 devices at a time. They have designed to include  3 outlets and 2 USB ports. I have an older Monster Outlets To Go plug which has 4 outlets but I love the idea of having USB ports too.

best gifts for travelers
image: HelloNomad

Nomad Charging Products Never be without a charging cable again:

Nomad makes a few not so typical charging cables which are small, portable and clippable. Earlier in the year Nomad send me a couple of their products to test out, the ChargeKey (aka NomadKey) and another that they no longer sell- the ChargeCard. I was really impressed by both products and wrote a review of the ChargeCard which you can check out here.

best gifts for travelers
image: Herschel Supply Co

Herschel Supply Co. Stylish laptop sleeves and other travel products

Herschel makes a variety of products which all seem to look really good. I first came across the brand while in an airport a couple of years back. When I got my MacBook Air I picked up a Herschel black sleeve for it. I love the look as well as the protection it offers due to the padded fleece lining. They come in loads of different colors.

best gifts for travelers
Image: Ork Posters

Ork Posters: Great looking maps of some of your favorite places:

Kim and I first came across Ork Posters while wandering around Philadelphia. A gallery had Ork’s Brooklyn Map hanging on a wall but the place was closed. We had to do some searching online to find out who made the map and where we could purchase one.

Ork maps make for a great gift for yourself or a fellow traveler while making your place look great too. Since buying our map a few years back, we seem to come across them all of the time- in restaurants, shops, bars etc.

best gifts for travelers

Subscription Boxes: Find one of these boxes for just about any interest:

I don’t know when these things first started getting popular but it seems like there are subscription boxes for (give or take) all ages and interests. I got Kim a subscription to Birchbox around 5 or 6 months back and she’s enjoyed it so far.

The best part is that (depending on the length of subscription) it’s the surprise gift that keeps coming each month. They also make a men’s version. For kids there is Little Passportswhich brings travel-related activities and fun for kids. I won a Quarterly Box from Andrew Zimmern a while back which included food-related items. They also offer boxes from influential curators in all different categories. Mashable has an article with the 15 best subscription boxes which is worth checking out.

(If you sign up for Birchbox through the link above, Kim will earn some Birchbox points.)

best gifts for travelers
image: FUGU Luggage

FUGU Luggage: Lightweight, expandable luggage (not yet available):

I first heard about FUGU from its Kickstarter campaign which has since ended. FUGU is an innovative piece of luggage since it can convert from maximum carry-on to maximum check-in sized luggage. Other great features are removable shelves so you can use it as a closet on the road or put it to use at home and using it as a table!

FUGU will be a pricey gift and one that won’t be available for quite some time this is a better recommendation for the holidays in 2015.

best gifts for travelers

Gift Cards: Something for everyone:

Here is an easy solution for those that seem to be impossible to shop for. Just about any business sells gift cards these days. As long as you have a Chase Ink card, do your gift card shopping at office supply stores so you get yourself a little bonus in the form of 5X points. Choose from Amazon, Gas cards, Whole Foods, Toys R Us, Southwest Air and a variety of other stores and restaurants.

These are just a short sampling of ideas that I had for some good travel-related gifts. Feel free to share some of your favorite travel-related gift ideas in the comments below!


(Some links for products featured in this post are my Amazon affiliate links which pays me a small commission if you make a purchase.)

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