Can This End Armrest War, More Craft Beer on Delta, Korean Air VP is NUTS, A Few “Top” Lists & More- The Rehash


I’m down to one week of work before I have my winter break! Prior to heading off on our final international trip of the year, I’ll have a few days at home to relax. (When we travel, relaxing isn’t usually on the itinerary!)

I did something that I’ve never done before. I ordered a guidebook before booking flights for a trip next year. (Yes, I still like guidebooks.) I had a 25% off coupon for Barnes & Noble, got 8% cash back from TopCashback and found a bunch of B&N giftcards at home so it led to buying the book before we know if we’re definitely going to the destination!

Anyway, it’s about that time again for a recap of this past week’s posts here on Michael W Travels in The Rehash!

This isn’t often a problem for me unless I happen to not be flying with Kim and Lucas but can this end the armrest war?

I wouldn’t consider myself a big drinker by any means but this is good news if you like to drink on flights and also fly Delta. Cheers! Delta adds more in-flight craft beer options.

The big story of the week and one of the more ridiculous ones related to an airline had a lot to do with of all things… macadamia nuts! I enjoyed the story so much that I had to write a few posts about what happened. Here they are:

It’s getting really cold out there so finding out about the best hot chocolate in America might come in handy for some of you!

I recently wrote about a credit card bonus bump. Well it didn’t take long for my 10,000 US Air miles from bonus bump to post! Based on feedback I’ve received, there has been a varying degree of success in getting the extra miles from US Bank. 

Everyone has got to eat. Find out about the Top US airports ranked by food.

It’s nice getting those seasons greetings e-mail messages from different companies. I had a couple of suggestions for one airline that sent me a message. Check it out- United Airlines, Thanks but how about…

And here are Lonely Planet’s picks for the 2015 Best places to visit in U.S. There were some interesting and surprising places chosen. Either way, it’s always fun to hear about the places that get selected for these kinds of lists.

Don’t forget to keep checking back for more posts at Michael W Travels. Have a great week!

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