Service Pig on Plane, 94 Y.O. Man w/ Gun at LGA, Venice Ban On Wheeled Luggage, Win Best Travel Pants- The Rehash!


I hope that everyone had a nice Thanksgiving and enjoyed the long weekend.

We took it easy over here on Black Friday but had a really fun time spending our free money from Amex Small Business Saturday. How bad could it be having a free $120 to spend!

We’re trying to finish off booking our next trip which is fast approaching while my mind is already focusing on our potential Spring Break trip. Maybe it would be a better strategy to finish planning our trip which is a little over 3 weeks away first!

Anyway, it’ that time again for a post that I like to call The Rehash, where I’ll recap some of the things that I wrote about during the past week.

When I first read the news of Wheeled luggage to be banned in Venice, I could only imagine the effect it would have on tourism. I can’t imagine seeing elderly visitors carrying their luggage rather than dragging it on the cobbled streets. But no need to fret, here is an Update: Is Venice really banning wheeled luggage?

I got a not so exciting Barclay’s Lufthansa Card retention offer.

I like writing about random food experiences on my blog. Some questioned whether or not a Food Review: McDonald’s Mozzarella Sticks was appropriate or “had a place on BoardingArea“. I stand by my decision to write about this new McD’s menu item. I’ve written about McDonald’s a bunch of times in the past and will continue to do so if I feel like it. Peace.

On Thanksgiving I decided to share how I was Thankful for the best travel pants ever. They really are awesome. Clothing Arts was generous enough to offer me the chance to run a Giveaway: Win the best travel pants ever by Clothing Arts. If you haven’t entered yet, I’d highly recommend doing so. You have until midnight on December 3.

There were a couple of crazy stories that were right up my alley. I wrote about a Loaded gun seized from 94-year-old man at LaGuardia Airport. Talk about bizarre and unexpected. And one of my favorite stories I’ve come across related to flying- Service pig kicked off US Airways flight. A service pig? Really???

I then wondered if it was Wrong to sign kids up for hotel loyalty programs when under age? This is one of those gray areas. Do you book mistake airfares, hotel price glitches etc… What is right and wrong when it comes to a good deal?

Don’t forget to check back for more (at least 2X) daily posts. Have a great week!

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