British Airways To Offer Relaxing New In-flight Channel

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image from BA video

British Airways is thinking outside the box and getting very creative when it comes to the inflight entertainment offerings for long-haul flights.

The airline will be offering a new channel to help you relax during the flight which involves baby animals called Paws and Relax.

I first came across this interesting news in an article from Huffington Post. According to the article “The channel will feature adorable, funny creatures such as kittens and puppies whose cuddly charm will relax even the most jittery of travelers”.

BA decided to create the channel after coming across information which proved that watching videos of cute animals could lower your heart rate and reduce stress levels.

The new channel should launch in September and will offer a variety of shows like: a documentary,  The Secret Life of Cats and  an animated show called Simon’s Cat and America’s Cutest Dog.

I don’t think that I’d be interested in watching Paws and Relax unless there was little else to leave on but I’m pretty sure that Lucas would like it since he loves animals so much.

What do you think about BA’s Paws and Relax? Do you think it could really help with calming people down?

Find out more in the article from the Huffington Post here.

Check out a video from BA about the Paws and Relax channel:

2 thoughts on “British Airways To Offer Relaxing New In-flight Channel

  1. My wife watches the Puppy Bowl before the Super Bowl every year. This doesn’t sound that much different.

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