United Dining 10,000 Miles Bonus Offer Extended

a yellow and blue cardIf you received the targeted United MileagePlus Dining offer back in early July and have been working towards earning the bonus, you should’ve received some good news.

In early July I received a targeted offer which had the potential to earn me 10,000 bonus United miles. To earn the miles I’d have to dine out 10 times while spending $40 each time by mid-August. 

a collage of people looking at a tabletWhile earning 10,000 bonus miles sounded like a great offer, I didn’t bother attempting to try to earn the miles.  There was no way I could consider dining out 10 times at MileagePlus dining restaurants in such a short period of time. Especially when there are such few options close to home.

For those of you that did try to earn this bonus but fell short by a couple of dines, there is still hope left.

MileagePlus Dining has extended the end date for this offer to August 31,2014.

So if you’re close to earning the bonus, you have a little under 2 weeks to go before the new deadline passes.

Good luck!

4 thoughts on “United Dining 10,000 Miles Bonus Offer Extended

    1. Joey- Yes, I am in Brooklyn. Most of the restaurants involved in the program are not places that I’d go to, especially not 10 times in a short period of time. I’m curious as to which places you like that take part in NYC?

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