Places That Want You To Kill Exotic Animals

A couple of weeks back I heard about the poaching of the  world’s largest elephant in Kenya and it angered me so much.

Now I don’t consider myself one of those activists like in Greenpeace or Sea Shepherd, but I do believe (to some degree) in their causes.

Some of you may know that my family and I are animal lovers and over the years Kim and I have had many amazing animal experiences, mostly during our travels. I’m not going to mention them again but you can find out my top 5 experiences here.

While I am against the killing of endangered animals and whales, sometimes animal populations need to be controlled. Thrillist published an article These Places Want You To Kill Their Exotic Animals which I found to be quite interesting.

Here are the animals that made the list:

  1. Nutria– Louisiana
  2. Lionfish– Florida, the Bahamas, Belize
  3. Possums– New Zealand
  4. Crown of Thorns Starfish– Palau, the Philippines
  5. Wild Hogs– Texas
  6. Asian Carp– Chicago

Out of the six animals mentioned, I’ve heard of the efforts to try to minimize the numbers of 3 of them.

While watching Andrew Zimmern’s Bizarre Foods, I first heard of nutrias. On the show, Zimmern got to go with a local man to help catch one for dinner. I’m pretty sure he also helped hunt for wild hogs in Texas. During our tip to New Zealand, Kim and I learned of the nuisance that possums are to the country.

Find out about each of the animals mentioned that some places want to kill HERE.

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