AA Business Extra Referral Bonus Points Finally Posting

AA Biz Extra Referrals

Back in February I had  5 American Airlines Business Extra 1,000 Point Referral bonuses up for grabs.  There was a solid amount of interest so when I chose the winners I also tried to match up readers that had referrals with others looking for one.

The referrals had to be sent out by March 31 and I’d checked my AA Biz Extra a few times since but never saw any bonus points post. I began to wonder if the referrals that I sent out weren’t submitted by those that won my little referral offer?

Last night when I got home I had an e-mail with my monthly Business Extra Account Summary. I guess it was time to check again.

In the e-mail I saw:

I had 3,000 points post since my last statement! This was really good news but not exactly what I was expecting. Once the bonus points posted from my referrals I expected to earn the full 5,000 points. I guess 2 out of the 5 winners decided not to sign up! This is definitely a bummer. It cost me a couple thousand points and cost 2 other readers the chance to sign up.

On the bright side I still have close to 5,000 points in my account which can get me a variety of awards. Check out all of the AA Business Extra redemption options here.

Did any of your Business Extra referral bonuses post? If you didn’t receive a monthly account summary, make sure to check your account to find out!

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