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Top Chef Anita Lo Partners with Air China

Top Chef
image: A.E. Photography

When flying in premium airline cabins you can expect higher quality food with some airlines even having menus created by famous chefs.

Now Air China is getting in on this trend.

Last week Air China announced a new partnership with Iron Chef and Top Chef Masters contestant Anita Lo. Chef Lo is an award-winning chef and was the first female asked to collaborate on a state dinner at the White House. Pretty impressive. Continue reading Top Chef Anita Lo Partners with Air China

Bravo’s Top Chef Restaurant Finder

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Kim and I have long been fans of Bravo’s Top Chef although we haven’t been following as much during recent seasons. (Thanks to Lucas we’re more likely to watch Paw Patrol or Sesame Street at the moment.)

A bunch of former Top Chef contestants have (or have had) restaurants in the New York City area. While watching the show we would often wonder just how good the food being featured was. Maybe some day there will be smell-a-vision but I don’t think there will ever be a way to have taste-a-vision!

While we haven’t tried many Top Chef contestants’ restaurants, we have visited a few. I’m not going to lie, a big part of the reason we chose to eat at that these restaurants  was due to the fact of the chefs being on the show.

Continue reading Bravo’s Top Chef Restaurant Finder